List of PDEs, TMA4212, project, spring 2017

We will mark the PDEs which have already been assigned to the maximum number of groups and can not be chosen.

Please give three alternatives. (Send e-mail to the teaching assistent).

  • PDE_01 Nonlinear Schrödinger equation html
  • PDE_06 Perona–Malik-ligningen html
  • PDE_07 Gray–Scott-ligningene html
  • PDE_08 Porøst medium ligningen html
  • PDE_09 Burgers' ligning html
  • PDE_11 Boussinesq-ligningen html
  • PDE_12 Den biharmoniske ligningen html
  • PDE_13 2D Stasjonær adveksjon- diffusjonsligning html
  • PDE_15 Lineær bølgeligning og ensretting html
  • PDE_19 Chaplygin-ligningen html
  • PDE_21 Isfjell-ligningen html
  • PDE_22 Trafikk-ligningene html
  • PDE_23 Eikonal-ligningene html
  • PDE_24 Ikke-lineær Kolmogorov-ligning html
  • PDE_27 Cahn–Hilliard equation html
  • PDE_28 Maxwell equations html
  • PDE_31 Helmholtz equation html
  • PDE_33 Buckley–Leverett ligningen html
  • PDE_34 Gruntvannsligningene html
2017-03-06, Sølve Eidnes