On this page you will find problem sheets and solution sets. There are no compulsory exercises in this module. Sheets are published bi-weekly. Corresponding solutions are also posted one fortnight after the posting of the problem sheet.


Suggested problems

I was asked to go through Perko (I haven't time to go through the other book) and point out exercises that might be "relevant". Most of these are exercises that may well have been assigned but were not, as it was the intention to keep exercise sheets limited to one page every two weeks.

The list below comes with some caveats:

Sections not listed do not mean they are irrelevant, simply that the accompanying exercises do not appear to address the topic in the way we have done over lectures and exercise classes. Moreoever, you will notice that some of these problems are significantly more difficult than the exercise problems. Finally, I find that as much as the exercises I have assigned in the sheets are important for learning the subject, so also are the examples we have discussed or that are in the books that we have not had the time to discuss. They usually throw light on important general principles or techniques. I will not provide a list of relevant examples.

Exercises from sections:

1.1 – 1.6

1.7 except 1.7.4

1.9 – 1.10

2.1 except 2.1.1

2.2 – 2.3

2.5 except 2.5.7

2.9 except 2.9.7, 2.9.8

2.10, 2.12, 2.14

3.2 – 3.3

3.4 except 3.4.5

3.5, 3.7

4.1, 4.4, 4.5

2021-05-11, Ho Cheung Pang