MA0301 Elementary discrete mathematics – Spring 2019


Exercises are to be handed in and will be graded (godkjent / ikke godkjent). If you want feedback on each exercise, write "want comments"/"ønsker retting", otherwise your TA will only write "godkjent"/"ikke godkjent". The exercise sets are mandatory; you need to pass eight (8) out of twelve (12) in order to take the exam. Of those 8 solution sets, 4 must be with respect to the exercise sets 1-6 and 4 must be with respect to the exercise sets 7-12. Note that you must attempt to provide solutions for the problems marked with an asterix. Please note that to get an exercise set approved you will also have to have made substantial attempts at at least 80% of a given exercise set and that this 80% must include the exercises with a star. Prove that your answers are correct. Please deliver the exercises in the third floor of Nordre lavblokk before 12:15 o'clock on the indicated day. You can also hand in the exercises in ovsys, but then you will not get detailed feedback, just "godkjent"/"ikke godkjent".

The problems in the exercise sets shall provide a basic overview of the topics that were presented in the lectures.

Solutions will be made available online.

Homework set Exercises Hand in at Solutions Comments
01 Exercise set 1 21.01 solutions
02 Exercise set 2 28.01 solutions The solution for part of one of the problems is missing
03 Exercise set 3 04.02 solutions
04 Exercise set 4 11.02 solutions
05 Exercise set 5 18.02 solutions
06 Exercise set 6 25.02 solutions
07 Exercise set 7 04.03 solutions
08 Exercise set 8 11.03 solutions
09 Exercise set 9 18.03 solutions
10 Exercise set 10 25.03 solutions
11 Exercise set 11 01.04 solutions
12 Exercise set 12 14.04 solutions
Exam Prep & Review Exam Prep & Review
2019-04-24, Mads Hustad Sandøy