Key terms and concepts for sections 14.3-14.6

  • Path independence (veiuavhengighet), conservative fields (konservative felt) and potential functions (potensialfunksjoner).
  • Fundamental theorem of line integrals (Fundamentalteoremet for linjeintegral).
  • Connection between gradient fields (gradientfelt) and conservative fields.
  • Exact differential forms (eksakte differensialformer) and the component test for exactness.
  • Green's theorem (normal form and tangential form).
  • Parametrization of surfaces.
  • Area of a smooth parametrized surface (glatt parametrisert flate) and a smooth implicitly defined surface (implisitt definert flate), and their respective surface differentials (flatedifferensialer).
  • Surface integrals (flateintegraler).
  • Flux (fluks) of a three-dimensional vector field across an oriented surface.
2013-03-24, erikmaki