Fer (Ph.D., 2001, EPF-Lausanne, Switzerland) is professor of physical oceanography at the Geophysical Institute, University of Bergen, also affiliated with the Bjerknes Centre of Climate Research. He is the leader of the “Physical Oceanography” research group, and of the “Norwegian National Facility for Ocean Gliders (NorGliders)”. His research interests cover meso to small scale processes in physical oceanography with special attention to high-latitudes, ocean mixing and turbulence, and atmosphere-ocean-ice interaction. He is an observational oceanographer with field experience at sea and on ice, and he led more than 20 expeditions since 2000. Fer has expertise in collecting, processing and analysing data from conventional ship and moored instruments, as well as from various complex platforms including microstructure profilers, gliders, moored profilers, and eddy-covariance systems. He contributed to 90 peer-reviewed articles (lead author on 26). Presently he is leading the research project: “Water mass transformation processes and vortex dynamics in the Lofoten Basin”.

2018-09-27, jacopop