TMA4215 Numerisk Matematikk


Date Message
02.12 And the grades of Project 2 can finally be found on it's learning.
02.12 The final exam and suggested solution.
29.11 I hope to finish the grading of the projects over the weekend. And I am sorry it has taken too much time.
20.11 Thank you all for a very nice semester. Good luck for the exam!
Office hours before the exam:
Tuesday: 14:15-15:00
Wednesday - Friday: 14:15-16:00.
20.11 Evaluation report from the reference group.
18.11 An updated list of the student numbers of the students who've handed in the second project can be found here. Contact Eirik if you've handed in the project and your number is not on this list.
18.11 There wil be a final meeting in the reference group Thursday 28.
18.11 Permitted aid at the exam: The textbook by Süli and Mayers (or a print of it), this particular collection of lecture notes, Rottman and an approved calculator.
18.11 The final curriculum is ready.
13.11 We will update the project page with relevant information and answers to general questions. So please take a look at it from time to time.
31.10 The project 2 description is now available on the semester project page.
Note that there will be no regular lectures in week 46 and 47. Tutorial hours and meeting hours will be announced at the project page.
31.10 No exercise session today. Eirik will instead have office hours at that time.
21.10 Some comments about project 2. The project will be available from Thursday 31.10 (two days later than announced before). The deadline is 18.11. You are encouraged to work in groups of two students, you are allowed to work alone if you prefer to, but groups of more than two will not be accepted. So it is a good idea to find your project partner soon.
14.10 The note on adaptive simpson method can be found on the lecture plan page.
11.10 Nullrommet is occupied on the next two Thursdays. Due to this and low attendance, there will not be any regular exercise class on thursday 17 and 24 October. We will have office hours instead. Eirik will have office hours from 14:15-16 on the 17th and Asif from 14:15-16 on the 24th. After this we will continue with regular exercise classes in Nullrommet for the second project.
10.10 Exercise session tomorrow will be in Nullrommet.
09.10 Minutes from the first meeting with the reference group.
08.10 The time for the exercise session has been changed to Thursdays 14:15-16:00. The room will most likely be the same as before, but we're still waiting for a final confirmation on that. Note that the exercise sessions can also be used to ask about any topic relevant to the course, not just the weekly exercises.
02.10 There are some general comments on the first project here. An updated list of grades can be found on it's learning.
27.09 The grading of project 1 is available at it's learning. Some general comments on the project will be available over the weekend.
23.09 The grading of the first project will be ready no later than Friday 27.
11.09 Regarding the first semester project: We advice against using the built in MATLAB function jacobian to compute the Jacobian inside the function that returns f and J, and is passed to newton. Instead, the Jacobian should be computed separately, and then explicitly written down inside this function. It is bad programming practice to compute the Jacobian symbolical every time you call the function.
05.09 The project description can be found at the semester project page.
03.09 For international students in mathematics, both master students and exchange students, with little or no programming experience, we offer extra tutorials in MATLAB.
Please contact Petter [dot] Arnesen [at] math [dot] ntnu [dot] no if this is of interest.
19.08 First lecture is Tuesday 20th of August at 12:15 in EL6.

Course description

In the following link you can find detailed information about the course, the main topics presented and the learning outcome.


The course will be given in English if there are international students who want to follow the lectures.


Anne Kværnø , room 1348, Sentralbygg II, Anne [dot] Kvarno [at] math [dot] ntnu [dot] no
NB!! Please use TMA4215 in the subject header of all emails concerning the course!

Tutorials and project lecturers


  • Tuesdays 12:15–14:00, EL6
  • Thursdays 08:15–10:00, K5

Exercise/Project class

  • Wednesdays 18:15–20:00

See also the exercise page.

Reference group

Semester project

The semester project counts for 30 % of the final mark.

Text book and other teaching material

  • E. Süli and D. Mayers, An introduction to Numerical Analysis, Cambridge University Press (2003).
  • Supplementary notes


To be given at the end of the course. For a preliminary list of topics, see the Lecture plan. Exercises and solutions will be part of the curriculum.


  • 02.12.2012.
  • Permitted aids, code C
Evaluation system and marking in this course
  1. The project counts for 30 % of the final mark. The final exam counts for 70 %.
  2. Note that if you do not hand in the project you will be able to get a final result of 70/100 maximum, that is at most the mark C.
  3. You get credit only for project work made during this semester.
  4. The total mark is the only official mark for the course. The marking of the project which will be published on these webpages is nonoffcial, and can not be referred to during a complaint.
2014-09-08, Asif Mushtaq