Exercises and old exams

Exercise and project lecturers

Exercise/Project class

  • Thursdays 14:15–16, Nullrommet

See also class schedule.

The exercise class takes place at Nullrommet. How to get to Nullrommet. How to get access to Nullrommet.

At any exercise/project class you can ask about anything regarding the project parts or the exercises, or indeed about anything concerning the course. We will, however, prioritize project-related questions over other questions.


The recommended programming language is MATLAB. Please see the Introduction to MATLAB page for instructions on how to install and use it.

If you want to use another programming language, you are free to do so, but we might not be able to provide help for programming difficulties in other languages. If you want to use another language, please make sure that you have installed a decent numerical linear algebra library and a library for creating plots.


Suggestions for weekly exercises will be given in the lecture plan. They may be taken from the problem set below, from old exams, or from the book. These exercises are not compulsory, but they will develop your skills to pass the final exam and your programming abilities (essential for the project work). Solutions are given for most, but, for obvious reasons, we strongly recommend you to try and solve the problems without using the solution.

Problem Sets from 2012

Old exams

Date Exam Solution
Dec. 12 English
Aug. 11 English English
Dec. 10 English English
Dec. 09 Norsk, English English
Dec. 08 Norsk, English English
Dec. 07 Norsk, English Norsk, English
Dec. 06 Norsk, English Norsk, English
Aug 06 Norsk, English Norsk, English
Dec. 05 Norsk, English Norsk, English
Aug. 05 Norsk Norsk
Dec. 04 Norsk Norsk
Dec. 03 Norsk

The exams and solutions are given for your convenience. There have been changes in the curriculum which makes some problems obsolete.

2014-08-28, Asif Mushtaq