Semester projects

There will be two projects in the course, the first counting 10% of the final grade, the second 20%.

Second semester project

This page will be updated with additional information during the project period.

  • 14.11 About your MATLAB file: We have the provided MATLAB files available, you do not have to include them in your own file (if you use the advice about the empty folder, you have include these in that folder).
  • 14.11 We do not want you to present all the tasks in your MATLAB file. What we want is to be able to reproduce the last result(s) you present in your report by that program.
  • 14.11 Suggestion: Let your MATLAB function return a matrix with the control points.
  • 13.11 There is no need for a separate title page or a table of contents in a 6 pages report. The report should look something like this (with some more contents, and with a bibliography).
  • 12.11 If (and only if) you have got some smart ideas that seems to work, describe them in the report. Compare with the standard method. Try to make an example as "clean" as possible (demonstrate on one particular curve, rather than on the whole picture). Try to explain why your idea is better.

  • 12:11 Some comments on the MATLAB-file:
  • If you have made your own examples, you can submit one data-file in an appropriate format in addition to the MATLAB-file. But the program should also work on the given examples.
  • Make sure that the help (first commented lines in the file) gives sufficient information on how to use the program.
  • To make sure that the submitted file runs correctly: Copy your MATLAB file and the data file(s) to an empty directory. Follow your own instructions (or even better, ask a peer student to do so). If the program runs without problems and produce the expected output, it is ready to be submitted.
  • Use local functions to deal with more than one function into one file. See the MATLAB documentation for how to use it.
  • The results (for example the plot, or other relevant information) should be included in the report. But no MATLAB code in the report.

  • 12.11 Some of you noticed that coefficient matrix (for \(\alpha\) ) somtimes becomes singular. This will happen when the tangent vectors \(v_1\) and \(v_2\) are parallell, and you only have 3 data points. We leave it to you to figure out why, and how to deal with it (but you are allowed to ask).

Project description
(04.11: Some of you have made me aware of misprints in the text. They are now corrected).

There will be no lectures in week 45 and 46. Supervision will be given in

Week 45:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
12-13 EL6 EH EH
13-14 EL6 EH EH
14-15 AK AM AK Nullrommet
15-16 AK AM AK Nullrommet

Week 46:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
12-13 Nullrommet EH EH
13-14 Nullrommet EH EH
14-15 AK AK Nullrommet
15-16 AK AK Nullrommet

AK: Anne Kværnø (1348)
EH: Eirik Høiseth (1340)
AM: Asif Mushtaq (1301)


  • A Latex template.
    NB! In the conclusion section, include one short paragraph at the end where you write something about your own learning outcome. You may also write something about the working process, what was easy, what was hard, surprises, etc.
  • Data files for task 2: T.txt and fem.txt.
  • Discrete curve for task 3 (the three rows give the x, y and t coordinates respectively. Use initial vectors v0 = [0,1]' and v3 = [-1,2]'/√5): disCurve.txt
  • For part 3: Script to generate outline from a bitmap image file genOutline. Function for detecting corner points CornerDet. Test images: airplane and dog. You should find your own images to try out as well.
  • Here are two short reports taken from the proceeding of the ECMI 2008 conference. Use them as examples on how short papers can be written. They are here for the format, not for their contents. Example 1 , Example 2.

First semester project

The project, given here is due by 16:00 on 16 September.

You can work in groups of up to 3 students (2 is recommended).

Paper reports should be delivered to the mailbox of Anne (7th floor, SBII). NB! The office closes at 16:00.

MATLAB-files and electronic reports should be sent to Eirik: Eirik [dot] Hoiseth [at] math [dot] ntnu [dot] no

Note: The report and the files should be marked with the student number of all participants of the group. No names, and no candidate numbers!

Extra office help hours during the project:

  • Anne (room 1348): 15:15-16:00 all days except Wednesday (not Monday 16 September)
  • Eirik (room 1340): Monday 10:15-12:00, Thursday 10:15-12:00
  • Asif (room 1342): Tuesday 15:15-16:00, Thursday 15:15-16:00

All rooms are on 13th floor, SBII.

2014-09-12, Asif Mushtaq