• Süli and Mayers, An introduction to Numerical Analysis:
    • Chapter 1: All
    • Chapter 2: 2.1 - 2.6
    • Chapter 3: 3.1-3.3
    • Chapter 4: All
    • Chapter 6: 6.1-6.3
    • Chapter 7: 7.1-7.5, 7.7, Theorem 7.4 (without proof)
    • Chapter 8: All
    • Chapter 9: 9.1-9.2, 9.4 (up to and including Theorem 9.2).
    • Chapter 10: 10.1-10.5
    • Chapter 11: 11.1-11.4
  • Burden and Faires: Chapter 3.2 and 3.3 (to be found at it's learning).
  • Exercises 1-10 with solutions, as presented in the lecture plan, and the projects.


  • There is quite a lot of overlap of the curriculum given in Süli and Mayers and those in the lecture notes. So please refer to the lecture plan for details.
  • The collection of lecture notes are simply a collection of those (parts) of the notes from the lecture plan which are included as the curriculum.
  • You are allowed to bring the text book (or a print of it), the collection of lecture notes, Rottmann and the standard exam calculator to the exam. But not the chapters from Burden and Faires, and not exercises and solutions. The book and the notes should be without your own notes (highlights with a marker pen is OK).


  • Q: Is Hermite interpolation (S&M 6.4) part of the curriculum?
    A: Yes, as covered in the excrept from Burden and Faires. There are certainly some overlap with section 6.4 in S&M.
    However, of techniqes for finding such Hermite interpolation polynomials, only divided differences are relevant for the exam, and that is not in S&M.
2014-08-28, Asif Mushtaq