Lecture plan

This section contains the material covered in class, and thus, which will be evaluated on the exam. Everything that was covered in class or in the exercises is material for the exam.

Laplace transforms and Fourier analysis.

Lecturer: Xu Wang
The chapter numbers refer to the 10th edition of Kreyszig.

Week Chapter Content
34 6.1, 6.2 Laplace transforms, transform of derivatives, ODE
35 6.3, 6.4, 6.5 Heaviside function, delta function, convolution
36 6.6, 6.7, 11.1 More ODEs, Fourier series
37 11.2-11.4 More Fourier series
38 11.9, 9.6, A3.2 Fourier transform, partial derivative
39 12.1-12.4 Wave equation
40 12.5-12.7 Heat equation

Numerical methods.

Lecturer: Anne Kværnø
The curriculum is covered by the notes found in Jupyter notes. There are also pdf-versions of the notes available.

Week Content
41 Introduction to numerical methods.
Polynomial interpolation
42 Numerical integration
43 Numerical solution of nonlinear equations
44-45 Numerical solution of ordinary differential equations
46 Numerical differentiation and numerical solution of partial differential equations.
47 Repetition (Wang and Kværnø).

There are video lectures from 2011, which should only be considered as support, and not as replacement of the class lectures. Note that the order in which the different topics were discussed in 2011 differs from the lectures, the curriculum has also been altered, in particular the numerics part.

2018-11-05, Anne Kværnø