Exam information

Permitted aids:

  • Approved calculator
  • One yellow, stamped A5 sheet with own handwritten formulas and notes (on both sides). Such sheet can be picked up outside the department office in the 7th floor, SBII.
  • The A4 formula sheet attached at the exam: formulas.pdf

Relevant material:

About possible programming questions at the exam:

  • We may want to check if you have done and understood the Jupyter part of the exercises and in the note.
  • Focus will in that case be on the core implementation of the algorithms, not on plots, pretty printing, storage of solution, etc.
  • You will not be asked to write code from scratch, you may have to make small modification of given code. In that case syntax errors will not count.
  • You may be asked about interpretation of output from a code (for instance how to decide on the order of a given method based on a sequence of step size vs. errors, or explain expected or unexpected behaviour of output from an algorithm).
  • Programming will anyway not be a major part of the numerics part of the exam.
2018-11-15, Anne Kværnø