Exercise Groups

The time and place for the exercise hours are given in the table below.

The exercise hours starts in week 35, Tuesday August 28th.

If you are in group 5 and the given time is ill-suited, please send an e-mail to Tai.

Study Program Weekday Group Time Room
MTIØT (surname A-J) Tuesday 1 10:15-12:00 S23 Sentralbygg 2
MTDT (surname A-F) Tuesday 2 12:15-14:00 B21 Berg
MTDT (surname G-Kri) Tuesday 3 14:15-16:00 S23 Sentralbygg 2
MTKOM Wednesday 4 10:15-12:00 S23 Sentralbygg 2
MTDT (surname Kro-R) or none of the others Wednesday 5 14:15-16:00 B25 Berg
MTDT (surname S-Å) Thursday 6 10:15-12:00 S23 Sentralbygg 2
MTIØT (surname K-Å) Thursday 7 12:15-14:00 F404 Elektro E/F
2019-01-15, Hallvard Norheim Bø