TMA4130 Matematikk 4N – Autumn 2021

LF Resit Exam A proposed solution for the resit exam is now available here

Resit Exam For the resit exam on August 18, 2022, the formula sheet is linked here, you can bring a yellow sheet (A4) with own handwritten notes and an approved calculator, see here. A small programming task might be part of the exam.

Welcome to Autumn 2021 edition of TMA4130 Matematikk 4N. This entry page provides you some important information to get you started. Detailed information regarding lectures, exercises, and the final exam can be found on their respective wiki page.

All announcements will be made and collected on Blackboard course page. If you don't have access to the Blackboard course page, just drop us an email, our email addresses can be found on the Staff and contact page.

2022-09-01, Ronny Bergmann