MA2501 Numerical Methods - Spring 2022


Date Message
01.07 Here are the solutions to the exam problems.
22.04 The solutions to the first three exercise sets have been made available. You can find them in Øvsys.
05.04 Exercise set 4 has been made available online (deadline: 22.04).
28.03 As indicated in the lecture plan, this week is for assignments and will be no lectures (30.03, 01.04)
25.03 Project part 3 has been made available online (deadline: 29.04, 18:00).
07.03 Exercise set 3 has been made available online (deadline: 28.03).
01.03 There will be a reference group meeting next week. Please give your feedback until then.
25.02 Project part 2 has been made available online (deadline: 18.03).
16.02 Today's lecture note is published on the bottom of this page (Yuya's lecture note)
09.02 Lecture 10 (Fri., 11.02, 10:15-12:00) will be in zoom (link can be found in Bb).
08.02 Lecture 9 (Wed., 09.02) will be in zoom (link can be found in Bb).
07.02 From week 7-10 (16.02–11.03), lectures will be given by Yuya Suzuki and take place in person (F6 on Wed. and R3 on Fri.) as far as I (Yuya) do not get sick.
07.02 Exercise set 2
30.01 Lectures on Wed. (02.02), Fri. (04.02), and Wed. (09.02) will be online (Blackboard COLLABORATE).
28.01 Project Part 1 is available online.
23.01 Re the in-person lecture on Wed. (26.01), please check your email.
21.01 Starting week 4, lectures will take place on campus.
17.01 Exercise set 1 (PythonExercises-Updated.ipynb)
For the first two weeks, the course will be taught fully digitally due to COVID19. (Blackboard COLLABORATE)
12.01 First Lecture. Digital. Blackboard COLLABORATE.

General information

Lectures and exercises


  • Wednesdays, 8:15 - 10:00, room F6 (Gamle fysikk)
  • Fridays, 10:15 - 12:00, room R3 (Realfagbygget)

Exercise and project sessions:


  • Kurusch Ebrahimi-Fard
    <kurusch.ebrahimi-fard (@)> (use MA2501 in the subject line)
  • Yuya Suzuki
    < (@)> (use MA2501 in the subject line)

Teaching assistant

  • Oskar Goldhahn
    <oskar.goldhahn (@)> (use MA2501 in the subject line)

Reference group

Name e-mail
Ylva Sofie Tollefsen ylvat (at)
Maximilian Rønseth maximir (at)

Text book and other teaching material

Yuya's lecture notes



Evaluation system and marking in this course
  • The project counts for 30 % of the final mark. The final exam counts for 70 %. The official description of the course will be updated accordingly in the next few days.
2022-07-01, Kurusch Ebrahimi-Fard