In progress. The date of the exam is the 01.12.2016 at 09:00

Evaluation system and marking in this course
  1. The project counts for 20 % of the final mark, given that is was done this semester. The final exam counts for 80 %. If the project was passed in a previous semester, the candidate is still admitted to the exam but will only be able to get a final result of 80/100 maximum.
  2. In order to pass the course the exam must be passed separately. The combination of exam and work/project must be passed as well.
Permitted aid items (code C):
  • Calculator HP30S, CITIZEN SR-270X, CITIZEN SR-270X College, Casio fx-82ES PLUS with empty memory.
  • Tabeller og formler i statistikk, Tapir forlag.
  • K. Rottman: Matematisk formelsamling.
  • A dictionary in any language.
  • One yellow, stamped A5 sheet with own handwritten formulas and notes (on both sides). You get this sheet from the department office of the department of Mathematical Sciences in the 7th floor in Central Building 2.

Old exam problems and solutions:

2017-08-01, Jo Eidsvik