TMA4265 Stochastic Processes, Autumn 2016


  • 01.12.2016: Suggested solutions LF. Exam set: English, Bokmål, Nynorsk.
  • 28.11.2016: The help pages at the end of the exam will be identical to that of Dec 2015.
  • 25.11.2016: Hjelpetimer er tirsdag 29.11 kl 9-12 i KJL5 - går rundt å forsøke å svare på spørsmål.
  • 22.11.2016: Project results here
  • 07.11.2016: NB: The exercise classes will be in room KJL24 from now on, same date and time.
  • 27.10.2016: Send your finished projects to Ioannis. Mark them with your student numbers! Deadline Monday 23:59.
  • 19.10.2016: The TA is sick today so there won't be any exercise class today. However you can contact him by email or you can come by his office on Friday between 9:00-15:30.
  • 13.10.2016: One sub-question to Exercise 3b in project is removed (waiting time until 10th claim for non-homogeneous process). This calculation gets too involved by pen and paper.
  • 3.10.2016: Project is here: Project (DEADLINE: Monday 31 Oct).
  • 30.9.2016: New time for exercises Wednesday 12.15-13 in KJL24. You may also ask Ioannis or Jo (in office) Fridays 12:15-13:00.
  • 21.9.2016: Exercises: Few students show up (16-17 Tuesdays). We will try to move this. Doodle here:
  • 15.8.2016: First lecture is Aug 25 in KJL5. Welcome! Exercises start Aug 30.


  • Thursday 14:15–16, KJL5
  • Friday 10:15–12, KJL5


  • Tuesday 16:15–17:00, S4


Jo Eidsvik, room 1034, Sentralbygg II, jo [dot] eidsvik [at] math [dot] ntnu [dot] no

Ioannis Vardaxis, room 1126, Sentralbygg II, ioannis [dot] vardaxis [at] math [dot] ntnu [dot] no

2017-08-01, Jo Eidsvik