New time: Wednesday 12.15-13 in KJL24.

The exercise class is given each Wednesday 1215-1300 in KJL 24. Here, concrete questions to the current exercise problems will be answered and new examples will be presented on the blackboard.

Week Problems Solutions
34-35 Problems from the book: 1.12, 1.44, 1.13, 2.43. Read this paper and go through the ToDos. Extra exercises from exercise class: 1.18 and 2.12 from the book. Solution_1,Solution_1_extra
35-36 Exercise_2 and extra exercise: 3.49 from the book. Solution_2,Solution_2_extra
36-37 Exercise_3 Solution_3.1,Solution_3.2,Solution_3.3.
37-38 Exercise_4 Solution_4
38-39 Exercise_5 Solution_4.18_4.32,Solution_5.2,Solution_5.1
39-40 From the book: 4.64, 4.66, 4.67 a-d), Problem 1d) of the Desember 2008 exam, Problem 1 of the August 2014 exam Solution_4.67,Solution_4.64_4.66
Exercise_7 Solution_1,Solution_2, Solution_6.3 ,For the rest see solutions in the book
Problem 2 fromMai 2003, (for english here), Problem 2 from August exam 2014, Solution_May_2003, Solution_August_2014
From the book 8.1, 8.8 , 8.16. Problem 2 from Exam_2011, problem 4 from Exam_2013 Solution_8, exercise8.8 is marked as 8.9. The exam solutions you can find on the exam tab.


The project is important in two different ways: 1. to be admitted to the exam. 2. as part of the evaluation. Hereby it is important that:

  1. It is obligatory to do the work/project. The project must be found acceptable to be admitted to the exam. For this purpose, a reasonable attempt to solve all problems must be made. If you did the project in a previous year and you were admitted to the exam, you will still be admitted to the exam this semester.
  2. The project counts for 20% of the final grade in the course. Only projects that are done this semester will count to the final mark. If you did the project in a previous semester the points will not be transferred, i.e. you will only be able to achieve a maximum of 80%. In order to be counted to your final mark, the project has to be re-done this semester.

Further comments:

  • The project has to be done in groups of two persons. If you have no partner please contact the teachers and we try to find you a partner.
  • You will get one week lecture-free in week 43 (27-28 Oct) to work intensively on the project.
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