Exercise sessions

In the weekly exercise sessions, the students can discuss and get help with the exercises of that week. During the last 20 minutes of the session a test will be held. More information on this under "Exercises and tests".

Each student has been assigned to one group, numbered 1–24. It is important that you attend the group to which you have been assigned (this also means that you should not go to another group in the same time slot, even thought it is intended for students in your study program).

Follow this link to check which group you belong to: http://www.math.ntnu.no/ovsys/studentliste.php?db=tma4110-H2012

To find out how many tests you have passed, follow this link and enter your username on stud: http://www.math.ntnu.no/ovsys/?db=tma4110-H2012

The tests will be returned in the next exercise session. If you are unable to attend, or if you accidentaly took your test in the wrong session, you will find your test in the usual place: "Nordre lavblokk", 2nd floor (the room named "370B" on this map). The shelves are marked with "TMA4110" and the group numbers.

The table below shows the group numbers linked with information about who, when and where. Students who do not follow any of the listed study programs are placed in an arbitrary group; if you have been assigned to a group which does not suit your timetable send an email to kristink [at] math [dot] ntnu [dot] no.

Number Who When Where Student assistant (username on stud)
1 MTMART Mon 16:15-18:00 KJL22 Halvor B. Lindstad (halvorbo)
2 MTMART Mon 16:15-18:00 KJL21 Elinor Arild (elinor)
3 MTMART Mon 16:15-18:00 K26 Maria Mortensen (marmor)
4 MTMART Mon 16:15-18:00 K27 Kevin Gaze (gaze)
5 MTTEKGEO Tue 10:15-12:00 KJL22(KJL23) Stine Hverven (hverven)
6 MTIØT Tue 12:15-14:00 S22 Pål Bekkevard (palunner)
7 MTIØT Tue 12:15-14:00 KJL22 Henriette Chiem (chiem)
8 MTING Tue 14:15-16:00 KJL24 Anders Brevik (andbre)
9 MTING Tue 14:15-16:00 KJL21 (KJL22) Martin Flåten (martifla)
10 MTMT Wed 10:15-12:00 K26 (K24) Thorstein Kaldahl Thorrud (thorstt)
11 MTPROD Wed 12:15-14:00 MA23 Magnus S. Haukaas (haukaas)
12 MTPROD Wed 12:15-14:00 KJL22 Jørgen Møinichen (jorgemoi)
13 MTPROD Wed 12:15-14:00 R92 (R93) Marius Skrondal (skrondal)
14 MTPROD Wed 12:15-14:00 B22 Henrik F. Gjørtz (henrigj)
15 MTPROD Wed 12:15-14:00 VA2 Øyvind W. Hanssen-Bauer (oyvhan)
16 MTDESIGN Wed 12:15-14:00 KJL23 Jonas Granås (jonaslok)
17 MTPETR Fri 12:15-14:00 R90 Daniel Thoresen (danielth)
18 MTPETR Fri 12:15-14:00 R92 (R93) Synnøve Bangor Edvardsen (synnoed)
19 MTBYGG Fri 8:15-10:00 B22 Kristin Raa (kriraa)
20 MTBYGG Fri 8:15-10:00 S21 Andreas Finnøy (andreafi)
21 MTBYGG Fri 8:15-10:00 VA2 Marcus Frølich (marcusf)
22 MTBYGG Fri 8:15-10:00 K26 Ole Bauck (olestokk)
23 MTBYGG Fri 8:15-10:00 GK1 Evin Güler (guler)
24 MTBYGG Fri 8:15-10:00 K27 Lars Odsæter (odsater)

If you need to contact your student assistant, use username@stud.ntnu.no (where "username" is the username of your student assistant, see the above table).

2012-09-11, Kristin Krogh Arnesen