MathXL is an online homework, tutorial, and assessment system that accompanies the linear algebra part of the textbook. Go to to log in to the MathXL system. You will need the access code that comes with the textbook and the Course ID which is XL0X-G1DU-101Z-5QG2.

We will use MathXL as a supplement to the weekly exercises, but it is not a requirement that you use MathXL. Each week a set of exercises for that week will be assigned in MathXL. These exercises are similar, but different from the weekly exercises from the textbook. Since MathXL contains fewer exercises than the textbook, it is probably a good idea to have a look at the exercises from the textbook, even if you do all the exercises in MathXL.

The advantage of using MathXL is that you can get hints, lookup relevant parts from the textbook and see related examples when you do the exercises. In addition to the weekly set of exercises, there is also a study plan part which for each section in the textbook contains additional exercises and quizes you can use to test yourself.

2012-09-16, tokemeie