Information about the assignments

The exercises are part of the project, which counts 30% of the final grade. The first part of the project work (first 10%) is divided into two assignments, with submission deadline January 24th and February 7th.

The second project work count 10%, and the third project work also count 10%.

How to deliver the exercises

Exercises are to be handed in using Ovsys: Please send an email to if you don't have access.

Make sure you deliver both your written solutions and your programmes.

Exercise sets

Part 1 of the project:

Assignment 1: ma2501_assignment1.pdf Deadline: January 24th

Assignment 2: ma2501_assignment2.pdf Deadline: February 7th

The following file computes the matrix A for problem 2 in assignment 2: NB: make sure you change n and k.

If you are unfamiliar with symbolic computing in Python (problem 1 in assignment 2), this might help:

Part 2 of the project:

Project description: ma2501-project2.pdf Deadline: March 7th

Code template and other files used in the project:

Part 3 of the project:

Project description: ma2501-project3.pdf Deadline: April 12th

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