MA1103 Flerdimensjonal analyse - Vår 2017

Kursbeskrivelse finnes i studiehåndboka.

The course will be held in English.


16.08.17 Exam and Solutions

Here you can find the kont. exam (kont exam) and the solutions (kont solutions).

29.05.17 Exam and Solutions

Here you can find the exam (exam) and the (corrected) solutions (solutions).

For questions and help

The following days are reserved for questions:
  • Friday, 28.04.17: 9:00-12:00 room SBII 922
  • Friday, 05.05.17: 9:00-12:00 room SBII 922
  • Friday, 12.05.17: 9:00-12:00 room SBII 922
  • Friday, 19.05.17: 9:00-12:00 room SBII 734 NYTT
  • Monday, 22.05.17: 9:15-15:15 room K5

I won't be in Trondheim from 29.04.17 - 21.05.17. Kari is going to be present on the first four dates, and I will be back on Monday before the exam, room K5. Feel free to come with any questions during these times. Also, don't hesitate to send Kari or me emails when you have questions.

25.04.17 Check list

The exam is based on the curriculum, which your can find under pensum og tempoplan, and all exercises. Here you can find a check list, which summarizes the curriculum to some extent. You can use it to make sure you understand the concepts and didn’t forget about anything.

(I uploaded the solution to the exam from August 2016. You can find it under gamle eksamensoppgaver)

24.04.17 Last lecture on Tuesday, 25.04.17

During the last lecture, we are going to repeat parameterized surfaces and the Lagrange Multiplier Method. If there is enough time, we are going trough the exam of Aug. 2016, which you can find here.

19.04.17 Formelliste til eksamen

Det finnes formelliste som blir lagt ved til eksamen under Faginformasjon. Dere kan allerede nå kaste et blikk på denne. (Formellista er ikke et hint om eksamen!!)

05.04.17 Øving 13, oppgave 8

Legg merke til at det var noen trykkfeil i oppgave 8!

03.04.17 Ekstra Øving

De som etter Øving 12 har bare 7 godkjente øvinger, kan bruke denne ekstra øving for å få 8 godkjente øvinger. Øvingen leveres ikke, men veiledning og registrering skjer på øvingstimer i uka 19.04.17-25.04.17.

03.03.17 Clicker results

Here you can find the clicker results from the poll on 21.02.17. The protocols from the reference group meetings can be found under Referansegruppe.

21.02.17 Postponed reference group meeting

The second reference group meeting is postponed to Tuesday, 28. February. Please talk to the reference group or send them an email if you have any concerns or suggestions, which you want us to discuss. You find information about the reference group and the meetings under Referansegruppe.

15.02.17 Posponed deadline for Øving 6!

Since Øving 6 has been uploaded two days late on the course page, the new deadline for Øving 6 for the groups having exercise classes on Monday and Tuesday is posponed to Thursday, 23.02.17, 16:00!

20.01.17 Directional derivatives

Here you can find an illustrative explanation of directional derivatives.

20.01.17 Reference group meeting

The first reference group meeting is on Friday, 27. January. Please talk to the reference group or send them an email if you have any concerns or suggestions, which you want us to discuss. You find information about the reference group and the meetings under Referansegruppe.

10.01.17 Exercise 1

Please note that the first exercise is available under Øvingsoppgaver. It is due to next week.

10.01.17 Slides and link to the book

Here you can find the slides on Repetition of some linear algebra from the lecture and here is the link to a pdf version of the book. Note however that this is a preliminary version not treating the important concepts of divergence and curl.

06.01.17 Reference group

Please send me an email if you like to participate in the reference group for this course.


Welcome to MA1103 Flerdimensjonal analyse! The first lecture will be held on Tuesday, 10th January, 8:15 - 10:00 in EL3.

Errata Exercises

You can always find the updated problem set under Øvingsoppgaver.

  • Øving 13, oppgave 6: The solution in the book to this problem is correct when z^2 is replaced by z^3.
  • Øving 13, oppgave 8: Det var noen feil, paraboloiden skulle være z=2-x^2-y^2 og fasit for 6.15.10 b) er pi/6(…) istedet av 5/6(…).
  • Øving 10, oppgave 9: Det var noen trykkfeil.
  • Øving 4, oppgave 7: There is an f missing in the second derivative.
  • Øving 4, oppgave 7b): There is a minus missing in the second derivative of f with respect to y.
  • Øving 3, oppgave 7b)+c): There is a ' missing in the directional derivative of f.
  • Øving 2, oppgave 6a): x and y are supposed to be x and y.
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