Problem sets

There are three problem sets, one for each part of the course. You should note the following:

  • The problem sets may be done in groups of two - possibly three persons.
  • The solutions of the problem sets can be submitted in English or Norwegian.
  • The solutions should be sent by email to the teaching assistant mina [dot] spremic [at] ntnu [dot] no. R code should also be attached.
  • The problem sets are compulsory. To be admitted to the exam all three problem sets must be found acceptable. This means a reasonable attempt must be made to solve all problems.
  • Moreover the lay-out of the presentation shall be esthetic - useful Latex-vector/matrix code is:%vector: \newcommand{\vect}[1]{\ensuremath{\boldsymbol{\mathbf{#1}}}} %matrix: \newcommand{\matr[1]{\ensuremath{\boldsymbol{\mathbf{#1}}}}
  • The problem report must be submitted with names, not student numbers. Your reports will be returned with approximate grade-level indicated and with suggestions for improvements.
  • One self-selected, revised problem report must be delivered during the day of the exam by mail. Group members can deliver identical reports, but need to send one copy each with their respective exam candidate number. This report will count 30% of the grade.



Problem sets and deadlines

Problem set Data files Deadline
1 Problem set 1 topo.dat Monday 22.02 kl 1500
2 Problem set 2 cells.dat
Monday 22.03 kl 1500
3 Problem set 3 seismic.dat
Monday 26.04 kl 1500
2021-01-28, Karl Henning Omre