TMA4230 Functional analysis, Spring 2016



Mondays 14:15 - 16:00 in R21 (Realfagbygget), weeks 2-11,14-17.

Thursdays 14:15 - 16:00 in R60 (Realfagbygget), weeks 2-11,13-16

Office hours: Thursday: 13:15 - 14:00, my office Sentralbygg 1, room 940, or by appointment.

Course will be given in English and to a large extent will be based on material from A. Bowers and N.J. Kalton An Introductory Course in Functional Analysis.

Some additional material might be taken from Peter D. Lax: Functional analysis, which is highly recommended to anyone with an interest in functinonal analysis and its various applications. Peter D. Lax was the recipient of the Abel Prize in 2005. Another set of excellent notes on Functional analysis are by Roman Verschynin.

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