Exercise classes will be held in NULLROMMET sentralbygg 2, 3rd floor (unless announced otherwise).

Date Topic description Mfiles
07.01 Boundary value problems Implementation of the numerical solution of simple boundary value problems with various boundary conditions.condiff.m pendulum.m
14.01 Boundary value problems and Parabolic problems.Complete the exercise on BVP (tasks 3 and 4). Implement a finite differences discretization of the heat equation, with various boundary conditions: use the Euler method, the backward-Euler method and the Crank-Nicholson method.
21.01 Parabolic problems Continuation from last week: verify, with suitable numerical experiments, the unconditional stability of Bacward-Euler and Crank-Nicholson and the conditional stability of the first one. Verify numerically the convergence of the methods with the appropriate order of convergence.
28.01 Elliptic problems and parabolic problems in preparation to hyperbolic problems. Implement a discretization of the Laplace equation on the square. Linear algebra background for solving stability analysis problems. Spectral radius; Gershgoring's theorem; Condition number; Neumann series. Implement a discretization of the viscous Burgers equation.
04.02 Advection equation and Hyperbolic problems Simple experiments with the linear advection equation and the Burgers equation. KdV.m KdVfunc.m KdVinit.m owwaveeq.m
18-25-26.02 Supervision of the project
04-11-18-25.03 Supervision of the project
2014-02-17, Elena Celledoni