Old exams

Course Year Exam Solution Relevance
TMA4212 2014 kont2014_en.pdfkontlf2014.pdf everything
TMA4212 2014 e2014_en.pdf lfe2014.pdfeverything
TMA4212 2013 keaug2013_eng.pdf keaug2013_englf.pdf everything
TMA4212 2013 e2013_eng.pdf lf2013_eng.pdf everything
TMA4212 2012 tma4212_kont_2012.pdf unavailable everything but the exercise 2 which requires the definition of bilinear FEM functions on squares (this was not done in our course).
TMA4212 2012 tma4212-2012v_norsk.pdf lf2012.pdfeverything, the solution of problem 2b) is not correct, see page 20 and 21 of the note for a similar problem and its solution
TMA4212 2011 kontaug2011_eng.pdfloskontaug2011_eng.pdfeverything (this exam has never been used)
TMA4212 2011 e2011_eng.pdfEnglish everything
TMA4212 2010 Norsk, English English Error on page 4 of exam: φ0(x) should be (x1x) / h for x0xx1.
TMA4212 2009 English English everything
TMA4212 2007 Norsk, English Norsk everything
TMA4212 2006 Norsk, English Norsk everything
TMA4210 2005 Norsk, English Norsk everything
TMA4210 2004 Norsk, English Norsk everything
SIF5045 2003 Norsk everything
SIF5045 2002 Norsk Norsk problem 2
SIF5045 2001 Norsk Norsk problem 2 & 3
SIF5045 2000 Norsk English problem 2 & 3
75316 1999 Norsk Norsk everything
75318 1994 Norsk lf.pdf everything
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