TMA4195 Mathematical Modelling - Fall 2016

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Summer 2017: Re-sit exam (kont)

  • Type: Oral exam.
  • Date: Thursday August 17 2017
  • Room: 734 SB2.
  • More info later
  • OBS: If you want to take this exam, you have to contact me by email well in advance so you can get a time slot to do the exam.

  • First lecture: Monday, August 22.
  • First problem session: Wednesday, August 31.
  • Questions? Check the extensive course web pages first (see left menu).
Date Title Message
20.12. The end Thank you for taking the course, I hope you found it interesting and useful!

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Exam 14.12.2016 Problems and solutions

Project score Available now, see 'Modeling Project' in left menu.

13.12. Last week of teaching
(Week 47)
We looked at relevant old exam problems that covers central and difficult parts of the curriculum:

Exam 2009: Problem 3; Exam 2010: Problem 1,2,3; Exam 2013: Problem 5.

Final curriculum See 'Curriculum' in 'General Information' in the left menu.

Office hours
before the exam
See table below
Open PhD positions Interested in doing a PhD starting in 2017?

The Toppforsk (reserach excellence) research project Waves and Nonlinear Phenomena will hire 2-3 PhD candidates in 2017.

If you are interested, you can contact me (Espen), Helge, Peter, or Ulrik.

Final office hours before the exam
Date Time Room Person
Monday 28.11. 14:15-15:00 Room 1356, SB2 Sølve
Monday 5.12. 14:15-15:00 Room 1148, SB2 Espen
Friday 9.12. 13:15-15:00 1356, SB2 Sølve
Monday 12.12. 13:15-15:00 K5 Espen, Sølve
Wednesday 14.12. Exam 9-13


13.10 Project 25% of grade whether you take it or not.

To take it you must register online (see left menu). The deadline was October 7th.

Read carefully the info under 'Modeling Project' in the left menu…
23.09 Self-study week
Mon 26.09. - Fri 30.09.
Read Population Models or chapter on Population Models in compendium. Work on Exercise set 6 (and 5).

No lectures – extra problem sessions w 2 assistents: Monday (in K5) and Thursday (in R3) 9-10.

Relevant for the exam.
19.09 Conclusion of
lecture 19.09.
Conclusion of the aggregation of Amoebae problem in 19.09. lecture can be found here
08.09 Lecture note PDF of complete lecture note, English version, available now. You can download it from itslearning.

Norwegian version sold at department office (IMF),
and most of these notes are available in English under 'Notes' in the left menu.
Krogstads notes
and the lectures
The lectures are close to Krogstads note, and both cover (most of) the curriculum.

But the notation, emphasis, and some techniques may be (slightly) different.
E.g. my proof of Buckingham's pi theorem is more elaborate than in Krogstad, and
for scaling I use the technique of "balancing" while Krogstad use "approximations".
My and Krogstad's derivations are similar, but not always the same.

If you are able to take good notes during my lectures,
then these notes correspond to the way I best like to understand this course.
28.08 Learning outcome See the Course Description.
22.08 Slides I will post my summary slides under 'Lectures' in the left menu. I will try to do it before every lecture with a summary.
Homework problems:

Solving problems is a very important part of the course, part of the curriculum, and relevant for the exam.
If you are serious about learning this course, you have to do these problems.

  • Problem sets will be available Thursdays before the problem sessions – or earlier.
  • Solutions will be available Mondays after problem sessions.

Other homework:

08.09. Read slides on kidney modeling
Read Lin and Segel chapter 8, see online lecture note (about the Kidney model discussed in the lecture)
15.09. Read Linear stability analysis and agregation of Amoebae

Kreyszig (9th edition) chp. 4.3-4.5 (3.3-3-5 in 8th ed.):
ODEs w const coeff., phase plane, stability, equilibrium pts, linearization.
19.09. Read Slides on quenching reaction.
10.10. Read yourselves section 3.2 in Part 3: Modeling Based on Conservation Principles in the lecture note of Krogstad
17.10. Read yourselves Kreyszig 10th edition chp. 12.7 (9th edition chp. 12.6)
about the solution of the Heat equation using the Fourier transform.
08:15 - 09:00Lecture, K5  Lecture, R3 
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16:15 - 17:00  Exercises, EL4  
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2017-06-06, Espen Robstad Jakobsen