TMA4180 Optimization I, Spring 2020

The course description can be found here.

Coronavirus Measures

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, all physical teaching on NTNU is cancelled.

See Innsida for more information on NTNUs measures.

For TMA4180 the following changes apply:

  • Lectures: Replaced by video lectures, that will be uploaded to Blackboard.
  • Project: Project part 2 is optional and will only count positively in the evaluation. Guidance will be done online (Email or Zoom). If you need guidance on the project, contact Geir or Esten by email.
  • Exercises: No live exercise sessions, weekly exercise sheets will be put on the webpage as before.
  • Exam: The exam will be a 4 hour home exam, taking place on the originally planned date, May 25th.
  • Evaluation: The evaluation in the course will be Passed/Failed. No letter grades will be given.

If you have any views or suggestions on how the teaching is done currently, please use the thread created in the Discussion Forum on Blackboard.


26.05.2020 Yesterday's Exam w/ solutions.
13.03.2020 Starting next week, the lectures will be replaced by video lectures. These lectures will be uploaded on Blackboard.
11.03.2020 The teaching, projects and exam can be are affected by the coronavirus outbreak. At this point, this course is not affected by NTNU's infection prevention measures, but that can change at short notice. Check this page and your email for updates.
11.03.2020 The lecture plan has been updated until the end of the term.
09.03.2020 The second part of the project is available on the Project page
11.02.2020 If you have not registered in a project group yet (and intend to do the project), please do so as soon as possible and before Monday 17th.
05.02.2020 The first part of the Project is available. See the Project page for more information.
08.01.2020 The lecture Friday January 10th will be held by Anne Kværnø.
08.01.2020 There is no Exercise class tomorrow. First exercise class January 16th
02.01.2020 Welcome to the course. The first lecture will be Tuesday January 7th, 10:15 in G1
2020-05-26, Geir Bogfjellmo