Information about the exam

The exam will take place May 25th, 09:00 to 13:30. It will be a home exam using Inspera

The exam is an individual, independent work. All submitted answers will be subject to plagiarism control. Read more about cheating and plagiarism here.

Note about the duration: The exam is supposed to take 4 hours to answer (or more, if you have extended time). There are 30 minutes added to the allowed time, but this time is intended to be used only for preparing and uploading the file you are submitting.

Experience from other exams is that many students encounter difficulties preparing and submitting their .pdf-files, so do not underestimate the time you need to do this task.

The exam will only contain problems of the following types as named by Inspera:

  • Multiple Choice, Multiple Response, True/False 1)
  • Essay
  • File Upload

The problems of the multiple choice type will be corrected automatically by Inspera.

In the Essay problems you will enter text in Inspera. It is possible to enter mathematical formulas, but it is a bit cumbersome.

See the Example problems (version 2) for examples of questions that might be asked as multiple choice problems and essay problems.

The exam will contain a File Upload. For this part, you will upload a single pdf file to Inspera. How you generate the pdf-file is up to you, but I recommend that you have decided on a procedure and made sure it works before the exam.

If you do not know how to generate pdf file and combine multiple pdf files to one pdf, consider the following resources:

  • Smart phone apps that use the phone's camera to scan sheets of paper and make pdfs:
  • For converting other file formats to pdf and combining multiple pdfs to one pdf.

See also Innsida's page about home exams with hand drawings.


There are a maximum of 70 points awarded for the exam.

For those that handed in the second part of the project, the points from the exam will be added to the points awarded for the project.

For those that didn't hand in the second part, the points from the exam will be multiplied with \(\frac{9}{7}\) and added to the points awarded for the first part of the project.

In either case, the threshold to pass the course is 40 points.

For the multiple choice problems, there will be points awarded for correct answers, and points deducted for wrong answers. However, each Problem (as they appear in Inspera) has a minimum score of zero.

possibly not all of these categories will be used
2020-05-22, Geir Bogfjellmo