TMA4155 Cryptography, introduction: Fall 2010



  • (2010-12-19) The solution is updated to version 1.0. This includes an answer to the final question, that I had forgotten to include.
  • (2010-12-02) The solution is updated to version 0.93, but the update is cosmetic only (wrong running head due to cut-and-paste syndrome).
  • (2010-12-01) Today's exam problems, with a suggested solution, are available under the exam problems (menu on the left). The solution has version 0.92 (updated once).

General information

The lecturer is Harald Hanche-Olsen.

We use the book by W. Trappe, L. C. Washington: Introduction to Cryptography with Coding Theory, Second Edition, Pearson Education, Inc (T&W). (The book is not with the math books in the book store, but with the computer science books (picture). The book has a home page with some computer code and an errata list.

We will also use some notes (see the reading list below).

Additional useful information can be found in Goldwasser & Bellare: Lecture Notes on Cryptography (G&B) and Menezes, van Oorschot and Vanstone: Handbook of Applied Cryptography (HAC). Both go farther than we need in this course, and HAC is getting old, but much of the information in it is still good.

Schedule: Lectures in F2 Tuesdays 10:15–12:00 and Fridays 12:15–14:00, exercises in F2 Mondays 15:15–16:00.

Reading list

This reading list is now final. I do not expect detailed knowledge of the sections in (parentheses):

  • T&W Chapter 1: Everything
  • T&W Chapter 2: 2.1–2.9, (2.10–2.12)
  • T&W Chapter 3: Everything, except 3.10–3.12. The proposition at the beginning of 3.10 is included, however.
  • T&W Chapter 4: (4.1–4.2, 4.4), 4.5 and 4.7
  • T&W Chapter 5: (Everything).
  • T&W Chapter 6: 6.1, (6.2), 6.3 (not Solovay–Strassen), 6.4–6.7
  • T&W Chapter 7: Everything
  • T&W Chapter 8: 8.1, (8.2–8.4)
  • T&W Chapter 9: Everything
  • T&W Chapter 12: 12.1–12.2
  • T&W Chapter 13: 13.1

There is some overlap between the notes and the book, so this is less than it looks.

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