TMA4155, fall 2010: Exercises

There are no mandatory exercises. Six problem sets will be given. Advice will be available in the exercise hour every other week, starting Monday 6 September. The problem set will be made available here no later than Tuesday the week before.

Problem sets

No Week Date Problems Additional Remarks
1 36 2010-09-06 ex1.pdf
2 38 2010-09-20 ex 2
3 40 2010-10-04 ex 3
4 44 2010-11-01 ex 4
5 46 2010-11-15 ex 5

Computer lab session

The lecture on Friday 19 November (12:15–14:00) will take place in the computer lab “Banachrommet” (see below).

The activities in the lab will use Maple. Have a look at the brief Maple demo from the week 44 lecture (pdf and maple worksheet available). Here is a draft version of the problem sheet: Maple/PDF

“Banachrommet” is room number 380B, on the third floor of “Nordre lavblokk”, which is the low building just north of Sentralbygg 2 (on the right in the picture of the referenced page).

The room is marked in the drawing below. Note that the two doors marked in red are normally locked. Please arrive at the one on the left in the drawing (via 370B) on time – we will then make sure you can get in.


2011-08-25, Harald Hanche-Olsen