On this page you will find exercise sets and solution proposals.

You need at least 8 approved exercise sets to be granted access to the exam. It is, however, strongly recommended that you complete all exercise sets. You can check how many of your exercise sets have been approved here. It is your responsibility to pay attention to your own progress and contact your student assistant immediately if something seems wrong.

If you are not in the exercise tracking system, please contact your student assistant informing him or her about the situtation and giving your full name, study program, and username. It is entirely normal for some students to be absent from the system. All we have to go on are lists from early in the semester.

Approvals from previous semesters

If you have fulfilled the exercise requirements a previous semester, you do not have to do so again. If you want confirmation that you have a registered approval from previous semesters, you need to contact Studentservice.

Time and place for handing in

The exercises are handed in on the third floor of "lavblokk nord" by 14 on the Friday following the exercise group (the deadline for exercise set 1 is September 1 due to the late availability of the boxes for handing in).

2016-08-31, audure