TMA4130 Matematikk 4N autumn 2015

The course description can be found here.


10.08. Here are proposed solutions for the continuation exam.
04.08. Note that the continuation exam on Monday, August 08, will use the same list of formulas as the main exam.
13.01. Here is an updated version of the solutions of the exam including a sketch of the result of problem 1, some minor corrections, and remarks to problems 4 and 6a.
10.12. I hope that the exam went well. Here is the exam text (in Norwegian), and here you can find possible solutions.
09.12. Good luck for the exam!
26.11. If you need some additional examples concerning the solution of PDEs using the Fourier transform, you can have a look at Exercise sheet 7 of this years Matte 4K course. You can find the solutions to the problems here. (Ignore the condition that u(x,t) tends to zero as x tends to infinity - this (physical) property of the solutions is built in the solution process via Fourier transform.)
19.11. Please fill out this survey concerning the lecture (the english version can be found here). The survey closes on December 4, 16:00.
19.11. There will be question sessions on Monday, November 30, from 14:15-16:00 in lecture hall S2; and on Monday, December 7, from 09:15-11:00 in lecture hall S6.
13.11. The list of formulas included in the exam is now online. If you find any errors in this list, please do tell me.
13.11. I have added the final pensum of the course.
13.11. Note that there are no exercise sessions in week 47. There is a 13th exercise sheet, though, and I recommend to everybody to try to solve these exercises in preparation of the exam. However, you should only hand in the solutions (before November 20, 16:00), if you are missing exactly one approved exercise set.
21.09. Since the lectures are lagging slightly behind schedule, you may find problem 3 (especially 3.2) on problem set 5 hard to do. It is OK if you are unable to do it before handing in, but we highly recommend that you do the problem later on.
14.09. This week I will be attending a conference in Germany; the lectures will be held by Katrin Grunert and Eduardo Ortega.
02.09. There will be a meeting of the reference group on Friday, 04.09., after the lecture.
03.08. Welcome to the course "Matematikk 4N" in the autumn term 2015. The lecture will start on August 20, the exercises one week later.
2016-08-10, Markus Grasmair