TMA 4115 Parallel KJ & NANO Spring 2017

This page contains information on the parallel TMA 4115 KJ & NANO. For general information applying to all parallels of TMA 4115 see the main page of the course.

Teaching in this parallel will be in english language (beklager, men jeg snakker dårlig norsk…). However, there are video recordings of lectures from Spring 2012 in Norwegian (see main page for more information). Notice that the curriculum of the lectures has slightly changed since 2012. Hence the recordings are slightly dated, leave out some material now part of the course and deal instead with some topics not contained in the current lecture.


Charlotte Lund-Hanssen charl (at) stud (dåt) ntnu (dåt) no
Johannes Voll Kolstø johannvk (at) stud (dåt) ntnu (dåt) no
Stine Marie Pettersen stinmp (at) stud (dåt) ntnu (dåt) no
Oskar Høgberg Simensen oskarhs (at) stud (dåt) ntnu (dåt) no

Please contact them if you have suggestions concerning the lecture the reference group should discuss. (If you are not a spambot it should be easy to assemble the correct email address from the above.)

Material and further Information

Here you can download the slides used in the lecture. In general, I will try to make the slides available before the lecture (so you can bring them if you want to take notes).

In the first chapter of the lecture we discuss complex numbers. To explore complex numbers, you should try the Mathlets (see menu to the left for access) for complex numbers offered by MIT.

Fun (only tenuously related to the lecture): What if you pitch a baseball at 90% of lightspeed?

2017-04-18, Alexander Schmeding