Arrival, Departure and Useful Information

Arrival day is Sunday June 30, departure day is Saturday, July 06.

Methods of Arrival/Departure

  • Plane: One can fly to Sandane airport from either Bergen Airport (Flesland) or Oslo Airport (Gardemoen), see Widerø. Sandane airport is roughly five kilometres away from Nordfjordeid. It is possible to take either bus or taxi from the airport to Nordfjordeid.
  • Bus: It is possible to take a bus from Bergen, Oslo or Trondheim to Nordfjordeid. This will, however, take between seven and nine hours. Tickets can be ordered from Nettbuss.
  • Boat: If you are travelling from Bergen there is also an express boat ride which can be used. More information can be found at Norled and Hurtigruten. One can either take the boat to Måløy and then take the bus from Måløy to Nordfjordeid, or take the boat all the way to Nordfjordeid.


The usual temperature in July is 15-20 degrees, but can occasionally fluctuate up to five degrees. The participants can look up the weather forecast at Yr a few days ahead of arrival. It is generally advised to bring a jacket and clothes which can withstand some rain.

Useful Information

The participants can find more information about Nordfjordeid at Nordfjordeid. The conference will be held in Sophus Lie Conference Center. If you have any questions, feel free to contact any of the organizers

  • Eirik Berge
  • Stine Marie Berge
  • Erlend Grong
  • Boris Kruglikov
  • Nadia Slavila Larsen
  • Irina Markina
2022-08-15, Hallvard Norheim Bø