Nordfjordeid Summer School 2019 - Analysis, Geometry and PDE

In July 2019 there will be a summer school in Norfjordeid, Norway, called "Analysis, Geometry and PDE". The program of the summer school starts on Monday the 1'st of July and end on Friday 5'th of July. The day of arrival is Sunday, June 30, while the departure day is Saturday, July 06. The purpose of the summer school/workshop is to present a wide range of interesting topics for Norwegian and international researchers in mathematical analysis, geometry, and partial differential equations. The focus of the summer school/workshop is particularly towards students and young scientists. The summer school/workshop will consist of 4 main courses, each of which will be around 4-5 hours. In addition, several invited speakers will give one-hour talks. As an effort to promote young scientists, PhD students and postdocs will have an opportunity to present their results in short communications.

The main aim of the school is two-folded: for Norwegian PhD students and young researchers, the school will be a meeting point to make new national and international contacts within their subjects in order to benefit their career. From an international perspective, we wish to establish new contacts between Norwegian researchers and strong international scientists in topics of common interests, and promote new achievements of the Norwegian mathematical society to the international scene.

The image files for the pictures can be found here and here.

There will be four main courses given by

  • Franz Luef (Associate Professor, Norwegian University of Science and Technology) - Quantum Harmonic Analysis and its Applications,
  • Sven Raum (Associate Professor, Stockholm University) - Group C* - Algebras: Classical and Modern,
  • Didier Pilod (Researcher, University of Bergen) - On the Stability of Solitary Waves for the Generalized KdV Equation,
  • Dennis The (Associate Professor, University of Tromsø) - Symmetry Gaps for Geometric Structures.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact any of the organizers

2019-07-19, Stine Marie Berge