Nonlinear waves and interface problems

A workshop to take place June 26–28, 2012, at the Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Lund University.

Travel information


The closest airports and main railway stations are situated in Malmö and Copenhagen, wherefrom one can take a bus from Malmö Airport, or train from either Malmö Central Station, Copenhagen airport or Copenhagen central station (travelling these distances by taxi is relatively expensive). In all those cases, tickets can be bought from vending machines at or nearby the platforms. Within Lund, both bus, taxi and walking are viable alternatives (as is biking). For more info, please see the University's general travelling information.

The centre for Mathematical Sciences is situated at Sölvegatan 18. Some hints on how to reach the department from within Lund are given on the math department's website. A map showing the location of the math department and how to reach it from Lund central station can also be found in the PDF just below.

Campus map


The univsersity has reduced prices at several nice hotels in Lund and its surroundings (the list is in Swedish, but the hotel websites should all be available in English). Among those, numbers 3 (Concordia), 5 (Clarion Collection) and 6 (Ideon) are recommended. They all lie within walking distance from the math department, see this map.

Please notify us about your preferred choice of accomodation before April 30, 2012, and we will make the booking and payment for you.

Meals and shopping

Although lunches will not be served during the workshop, there are many restaurants and bistros in Lund, and some of the hotels offer supplementary meals (in addition to breakfast). The currency in Sweden is SEK, but VISA, Master Card, and other major credit cards can be used in most shops and facilities with no extra fees. The Euro can be used at some places in Copenhagen, but in general not in Malmö or Lund.

2019-08-22, Hallvard Norheim Bø