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Deadline for submission of Abstracts: October 15. 2018 Extended Deadline for Abstract Submission: October 21, 2018

The major topics of the conference sections

Statistical analysis of

  • epidemiological and medical data
  • environmental and natural resources data
  • socio-economical data
  • biological data

Numerical mathematical modelling of

  • hydrological processes
  • environmental processes

Optimization techniques for

  • transportation systems
  • logistic systems

Abstracts related to Maths & Stat in other applications will also be considered for presentation. The conference will contain both oral and poster presentations, all presenters must register for the conference. The proceedings of the conference will consist of a web-page containing a collection of Abstracts.

The Abstract shall be submitted in PDF format as follows:

  • Full Name of the Presenter
  • Affiliation/ Country of the presenter
  • Email address of the presenter
  • List of co-authors/ affiliations
  • Preference: Oral / Poster
  • Preferred Section
  • Title of the Presentation – Max 75 letters
  • Three keywords of presentation
  • Abstracts of presentation – Max/min 500/300 words
  • Additionally, one figure or table and two references

The presenter of the abstract will be notified by November 15. 2018 on acceptance/rejection of the abstract and also on oral/poster presentation. Please submit abstracts electronically to mathstatconf [at] gmail [dot] com OR mathstatconf [at] hu [dot] edu [dot] et.

2018-10-16, Zerihun Kinfe Birhanu