MA2501 - Numeriske Metoder våren 2012

Official Course Description

Exam Grades Available! — Olivier Verdier 2012-06-21

The grades are available on the exam page.

Exam Grading Finished! — Olivier Verdier 2012-06-20

The exam grading is finished! I sent the result to the secretary electronically. The final results should be available to you soon. The exam page contains some more information.

Exam Grading — Olivier Verdier 2012-06-10

The exam grading is on its way! The solutions to the exam are available. There are some comments on the grading, statistics, and classical mistakes on the exam page.

Exercise Solution Updates — Olivier Verdier 2012-05-21

Updated exercise 08 for which some solutions were missing.

Material for exam — Olivier Verdier 2012-05-21

You will only need the book for the exam. The notes on the FFT will be printed out along with the exam sheets.

Notes on FFT — Olivier Verdier 2012-05-21

There are now some notes for the FFT algorithms on the "Schedule" page.

Exercise Solutions — Olivier Verdier 2012-05-07

I have added some more exercise solutions. I will also add the solutions to the FFT exercise. There is also a solved version of the 2011 exam. I will add some of the previous exams as well.

Project Results — Olivier Verdier 2012-04-22

The project grades are now published on the project page. Contact me immediately if you delivered a project but your result is not published.

One hour lecture today — Olivier Verdier 2012-04-12

Todays exercises will start with a one hour lecture, since we lost one hour last Tuesday.

There are Exercises on Thursday 29 — Olivier Verdier 2012-03-28

Although I wished you all a happy Easter, the exercises tomorrow are scheduled! The exercise sheet will be published tomorrow.

Ex 09 — Olivier Verdier 2012-03-15

Exercise 09 is out.

Notes — Olivier Verdier 2012-02-29

There are now some partial lecture notes available on the schedule page.

Exercise 7 is out — Olivier Verdier 2012-02-29

Exercise 07 is out.

Things to know for the exam — Olivier Verdier 2012-02-29

The is now a list of things to know for the exam on the exam page.

Exercises — Olivier Verdier 2012-02-21

There is now a LaTeX Template available on the project page.

Exercises — Olivier Verdier 2012-02-09

The exercise for today are available, although this is almost dinner time by norwegian standards.

Exercises — Olivier Verdier 2012-02-09

The exercise will be available today at lunch time. Apologies for the delay.

Information Meeting — Olivier Verdier 2012-01-02

We will use the first course hour, on Tuesday 10 January, 16:15 - 17:00 in F2 to hold a general information meeting about the course.
2012-01-01, Olivier Philippe Paul Verdier