TMA4285 Time Series Models, Autumn 2014

Course information

  • Lecturer: Håkon Tjelmeland, haakont [at] stat [dot] ntnu [dot] no. Phone: (735)9 3538. Office: room 1032, Central Building 2, 10th floor.
  • Teaching assistant: Michael Gineste, Michael [dot] Gineste [at] math [dot] ntnu [dot] no. Phone: (735) 90484. Office: room 1026, Central Building 2, 10th floor.
  • Teaching material: Wei, W.W.S. (2006). Time series analysis. Univariate and multivariate methods, 2nd edn, Pearson Addison Wesley.
  • Aids allowed at exam: CASIO fx-82ES PLUS, Calculator HP30S, CITIZEN SR-270X or CITIZEN SR-270X college with empty memory; K. Rotman: Matematisk formelsamling; Statistiske tabeller og formler, Tapir; One yellow paper (A5 with stamp) with your own formulas and notes.
2014-06-02, Håkon Tjelmeland