TMA4275 Lifetime Analysis - Spring 2014

About the course


  • 31 May 2014: The solution of today's exam can be found here. The exercises and solution are also posted on the page "Earlier Exams"
  • 09 May 2014: There are some earlier exam exercises which are not relevant for this year's curriculum, see the "Earlier Exams" page.
  • 10 April 2014: Today was the last ordinary lecture. There will be an EXTRA meeting before the exam: Wednesday, 21 May, 8:15-10:00 in auditorium EL4. You may suggest topics to discuss in this meeting. For other questions before the exam, send me an email, come to my office, or make an appointment by email!
  • 27 March 2014: Vaclav will be in Auditorium B1 from 8:15 to 10:00 on Thursday April 3, to guide the work With Obligatory 2
  • 19 March 2014: The second obligatory exercise will be put on the "Exercises" page on Friday March 21. Deadline is April 4. There is NO LECTURE on Monday March 24.
  • 07 March 2014: On Monday, March 10, I will og through some points of Obligatory Exercise 1.
  • 06 March 2014: The results of the first obligatory exercise are out, see "Exercises". Some of you wrote your name instead of student number, and you are asked to send your student number to Vaclav in order to be included in the list.
  • 07 February 2014: Obligatory I may be downloaded here
  • 05 February 2014: The first obligatory exercise will be put on the "Exercises" page on Friday February 7. Deadline is February 21.
  • 02 February 2014: There is no lecture on Monday February 10 (one week from now). The obligatory exercise 1 will be put on the web on Friday February 7.
  • 20 January 2014: If you want to use R instead of MINITAB, a useful R-tutorial for survival analysis is now found at the very end of the R-section of "Statistical software".
  • 09 January 2014: CHANGE OF LECTURE ROOM: Starting next week (13.01), the Monday lectures (08:15-10) will be in auditorium S4 (Sentralbygg), while the Thursday lectures (08:15-10) will be in auditorium B1 (Bergavdelingen).
  • 13 December 2013: The first lecture is Monday 06 January 08:15-10:00 in R21
  • 13 December 2013: Welcome to the new course webpage (which is still under construction!)

Lecture Hours

  • Mondays 08:15-10:00 in S4
  • Thursdays 08:15-10:00 in B1


  • Tuesdays 14:15-15:00 in R21 or in computer lab (see Exercise page for information).
2014-05-31, Bo Henry Lindqvist