TMA4195 Mathematical Modelling - Fall 2019

The course description can be found here.


07.06.2019 Welcome to Mathematical Modelling. Use the links to the left hand side for information about the course.
03.09.2019 Unfortunately, lectures today are cancelled due to sickness.
03.09.2019 No exercise class on Friday (06.09.19), but extra office hour with Ola, 14.00-15.30, at room 1056, Sentralbygg 2.
06.09.2019 Lectures as usual on Monday.
10.09.2019 The reference "group" meets me on Tuesday 17th of September. Constructive critique or more positive feedback are welcome. Se under Reference group to the left, and send a mail, or talk, to Erik Andre.
11.09.2019 Lecture notes for this week will be published Thursday.
2019-09-11, Dag Wessel-Berg