Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems

Spring 2013

Did you like this course?

Do you like working with differential equations?

Then a natural next step is to take TMA4305 Partial Differential Equations.

For stochastic differential equations try MA8109 Stochastic processes in systems theory
(PhD course fall 2013 - ok for 4th year students)


  • Good luck on the exam Thursday!
  • Final curriculum available - see 'General information' in left menu.
    • Not covered this year and in 2012:
      • Index at infinity
      • Bifurcations
      • Fractals
      • Discrete dynamical systems and chaos
    • New this year and 2012:
      • Much more extensive and general discussion of existence, uniqueness, and continuous dependence results.
      • More emphasis on linear theory, the fundamental matrix, and stability results
      • Invariant domains, LaSalle's principle
  • Other messages:
    • All summary slides are posted under 'General information' in the left menu.
    • Exam problems for Lectures 25.4. and 30.4.: 2012: 1,5,7; 2010:2a,3,4; 2011:3a; 2009:2a,2b
    • Excursion week 12 and 14: The lecture notes for these weeks are posted in the left menu under 'General infomation'.
      (There will be exam poblems from this part of the curriculum.)
    • A simpler proof of continuous dependence on the data in scanned lecture note of 21.1. ('General information' in left menu).
    • Copies of chp. 6 of the Birkhoff & Rota book can be bought at the math. department office (7th floor SB2).


  • 23.4.: Read the proofs of sections 11.2 and 11.3 of Jordan-Smith
  • 05.3.: Read the note of Hanche-Olsen p. 23-24
  • 28.2.: Read Birkhoff & Rota page 6.13.
  • 21.2.: Read Birkhoff & Rota chp. 6.5.
  • 29.1.: Read Jordan-Smith chapters 2.5 and 2.6.
  • 24.1.: Read the following lecture note.
  • 17.1.: Read chapter 1 in Jordan-Smith.

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2013-08-22, Espen Robstad Jakobsen