What to bring and what to expect

Here are a list of items that we recommend you bring and what you can expect to be provided. Contact the organizers if in any doubt. Clothing

It can be quite cold in mountain areas of Norway during winter. We expect temperatures between -25°C and -5°C. The hotel and conference room have good heating but for the outdoor activities we highly recommend that you take:

  • Warm clothes. (Hat, skarf, gloves, woollen socks etc.)
  • Wool or thermal underwear. (Long johns, etc.)
  • Windproof shell clothing. (It might be smart to have a double set of these, in case they get wet.)


  • Cross-country skis and skiing equipment.
  • If you are unable to take skis and/or skiing equipment, it will be possible to rent a pair of skis from the Hotel. (Please contact the organizers for more information.)
  • Thermos.

What will be provided

  • A laptop you can use for presenting your slides. Bring your slides on a usb-pen or on cd (or send it to the organizers in advance). We recommend the LaTeX Beamer class for writing slides in LaTeX.
  • Computer projector.
2013-01-17, markuses