MA8203 Algebraic Geometry


Billy Sanders, room 834, Sentralbygg II, william [dot] sanders [at] ntnu [dot] no


The lectures will take place Mondays from 14:15-16:00 and Thursdays from 12:15-14:00 in room 656 Sentralbygg 2.


The exam will be on Friday May 25th and Monday May 28th. It will be an oral exam consisting of homework problems. Contact me if you wish to take the exam.


We follow the classical approach to algebraic geometry while discussing some more modern trends. I have not decided yet what we will cover, but possible goals may include Bézout's Theorem, sheaf cohomology, and the Reimann Riemann-Roch Theorem.

Requirements are basic knowledge of (commutative) ring theory and point-set topology.


The course will follow the book Algebraic Geometry - An Introduction by Daniel Perrin. This book is originally written in French. However, I will be using the English translation.

Individual chapters of the book can be downloaded from SpringerLink via the NTNU library (that is, you have to be on campus or surf via campus).

I will note that the very motivated student should obtain the canonical textbook by Hartshorne.


Exercises will be posted here. (Last updated April 24th.) This file will be updated every two weeks. Students can turn in solutions to homework assignments every two weeks.

Completing the exercises is not mandatory, however the final exam at the end of the course will consist almost exclusively of homework problems.

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