MA8108 Fall 2015

NOTE: If you are a masters student, you can sign up for this course on studweb. Let me know if there is a problem.

The course will be on the classical text by Lars Hormander, "An introduction to complex analysis in several variables." ISBN-9780444884466

Supplementary notes:


The course meets Wednesdays, 15:15-17:00 in S2, room 734. First class is Wednesday August 19.

Midlertidig Fremdriftsplan/Preliminary Plan for the lectures.

Wednesday August 19: Section 1,2 of supplementary notes (SN). (Hormander(H) Section 1.1-1.2)

August 26: SN section 3, H section 1.2, 1.6

September 2: SN section 4, H section 1.6

September 9: SN section 5, H section 1.6, 2.1

Extra work will be decided on an individual basis.

2015-08-22, John Erik Fornæss