MA3204 Homological algebra autumn 2022

Course evaluation

Dear students! The Faculty for Information Technology and Electrical Engineering (IE) is sending out a questionnaire-based student evaluation in all courses at IE. Please help us to improve our teaching by answering this survey in the course MA3204 Homological Algebra The survey closes on 11 December. (You answer anonymously, but need to log in with Feide for safety reasons.)

Official Course Description


 Monday       10.15-12.00   R73
 Wednesday    08.15-10.00   R73   

Office hours


Reference Group

The reference group is:

  • Heine Strøm Gundhus:
  • Martin Löcsei:
  • Espen Sund:

If you have any comments, concerns or feedback to the course please share them with me or the reference group.

  • First reference group meeting : 15/09
  • Second reference group meeting: 18/10
  • Third reference group meeting: 17/11

First meeting: The amount of exercises and the progression of the course are good. It would be helpful if hints are added to some of the exercises.

Third meeting: The notes and the exercise sessions have been helpful to the students. It would be good to have some intuition and/or concrete examples for derived categories.

2022-11-17, Laertis Vaso