Videos and Lecture Notes

We will be using the videos and lecture notes produced by Øyvind Solberg as our main references outside of class. All materials were obtained from the 2020 course page for MA3203.

Lecture Notes


- Some motivation and overview

Errata to the videos: Preliminary errata.

  1. Quivers and path algebras
  2. Representations of quivers and homomorphisms of such
  3. Quivers with relations, quotients of path algebras and modules over such
  4. Modules of finite length and Jordan-Hoelder theorem
  5. The radical of rings and modules
  6. Projective modules
  7. Krull-Remak-Schmidt theorem
  8. Artin algebras
  9. Categories and functors
  10. Projectivization
  11. Basic artin algebras
  12. Duality
  13. Injective modules
  15. Extras
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