Where can I put my home page?

Alternative 1: Your employee profile page

The official NTNU profile page is what we recommend for most people. (Instructions in Norwegian.)
Your publication list from Cristin will appear automatically, and you can edit your home page directly in the web browser.

It is also possible to add keywords from Cristin to your profile, and to select which publications should appear.

The address of your profile page will be

  • https://www.ntnu.no/ansatte/<username>

for your Norwegian profile page, and

  • https://www.ntnu.edu/employees/<username>

for the international version.

Alternative 2: If you want full control of the HTML code

If you want to have full control over the layout, and know how to write HTML code, you may follow the instructions on Innsida (Norwegian version).
Short version: Connect to webedit.ntnu.no/username, and put HTML files there.

PHP is also available here. The address of your home page will be https://folk.ntnu.no/<username>

2019-03-12, Per Kristian Hove