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is a five-year project at the Department of Mathematical Sciences, NTNU, funded by the Research Council of Norway through the FRIPRO Toppforsk program. The main goal of WaNP is to analyze the interplay of singularities and nonlocal effects in the solutions of partial differential equations that model wave phenomena.


5 September 2017 Félix del Teso (NTNU) has been awarded the Spanish National Mathematical Research prize Vicent Caselles for mathematicians under 30 years of age. Part of the research was a collaboration with Espen. R. Jakobsen and Jørgen Endal. His Toppforsk funded research stay at Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris in the spring of 2016 was explicitly mentioned.

In December 2016 Félix was also awarded the prize for the best thesis of the year in mathematics at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM).
18 May 2016 Erik Wahlén (Lund University) has been awarded the Wallenberg prize for his work on partial differential equations. His work on the Whitham conjecture together with Mats Ehrnström (preprint here) was particularly mentioned in the announcement.
4 May 2016 Two PhD positions with the WaNP project have been announced. The application deadline is 31 May 8 June 2016.
29 January 2016 The WaNP project has been granted 25 MNOK from the Research Council of Norway.


4–7 July 2016 Non-linear PDEs, mathematical physics, and stochastic analysis – a conference in honour of Helge Holden's 60th birthday
2017-09-19, Helge Holden