• First lectue: 20th August.
  • We will alternate having lectures Monday, Wednesday, and Wedneday, Thursday. The plan will be posted under 'Progress'.
  • Wednesdays we have the same room reserved 10-12 (KJL23)
  • Reference group: Malik, Abdul Ghaffar Rehman (, and Selamawit Serka Moja (
  • An example for Knitr has been posted on the Assignments folder.
  • New delivery date for the first project: Friday 2 October at 24:00.
  • The second project is out, you will find it at the Assignments.
  • Thursday 22nd Oct: We will leave some time in the secton lecture to discuss the course before the reference group meeting the following week.
  • The final assignment is out. Please let me know if there is anyone that hasn't gotten any feedback from the first assignment.
  • *IMPORTANT*: Those students that will have a written examination on the course have to resend all the projects with their candidate number instead of their names. Those that will have an oral examination have to send the three projects with their names only.
  • *IMPORTANT*: Each one that will take this course as a 'fordypningemne', please send an email about this, so I know who! Also tell me then, the other dates in Dec you have written exams. ASAP!
2015-11-16, hrue